Welcome to Shirleys clay. I have been playing with clay for a little while now and find it lots of fun and very addictive. To make the things I make, I use Premo, Sculpey III,  Dukit and Kato. It depends on what I want to do, what clay I use.

Polymer clay is endlessly fascinating but one aspect I particularly enjoy exploring, is how some of the colours are fluorescent and react to blacklight. For example, in the picture below – the “glowing” orange flowers are mainly pink under a normal light and all the other objects in the picture also look very different under normal light. Pretty much all the clays have a fluorescent range. Even better, some of the colours aren’t obviously fluoro but they still react really well under the blacklight. The blue Sculpey III for example, is a rich butterfly blue colour under the blacklight. Anyway, to see what I have done so far, check out my photo gallery. The blacklight section has some photos of my fluorescent clay work.